According to the cryptocurrency latest news updatea cryptocurrency can also be called the (ETH) or Ethereum, which is very popular among all ages people in the trading market. Nowadays, due to the universal crackdown, crypto and Bitcoin faced such a bad time, but now it is improving and again reaching the right position like they were before. 

This Tuesday, Goldman Sachs expressed its views and also the future predictions for bitcoin. He also said that the whole genuine application of cryptocurrency would make the particular digital store.

Value Of Bitcoin, And Why Have It?

Goldman Sachs again says that maybe bitcoin can easily eclipse the currency in the next few days. Also, bitcoin gets a very strong brand value and backup support that gives it a huge advantage that no other brands can provide. 

One major disadvantage that can be noted is that it does not have a proper real-world app that other competitors have. As per the cryptocurrency latest news update, the exact cost of Ethereum comes as $2,150.88, which occurred to be very high in demand.

For the vast competition within all the digital currencies, we think that the gold will continue and will be the winner for everyone who has invested there, according to the sources of cryptocurrency latest news update. Until now, cryptocurrency could not compete with the gold value because it is less trustworthy and reliable to the trading market and the common people.

“Gold competes with crypto in the same way it competes with other risky assets like equities and cyclical commodities,” the investment bank stated. Gold serves as a defensive inflation hedge, whereas cryptocurrency serves as a risk-on inflation hedge.” According to Goldman Sachs, the nature of the rivalry is producing such volatility, making it a risky investment for most investors.

“ETH had taken support around $1,720 numerous times in the past,” Zebpay continued. This time, it performed the same thing and began to move upwards, making a ‘Higher Top Higher Bottom’ pattern. The asset has risen about 39% from its recent lows, reaching a weekly high of $2,386.5. At these levels, ETH encountered resistance and some profit booking. The asset is currently consolidating around $2,350 to $2,150, and we may expect another rise up to the next resistance level, which is around $2,650 if the price maintains the support levels.”

Why choose bitcoin?

The cryptocurrency latest news update says that BTC has been flirting with the $35,000 threshold for the previous few days. Sellers are kept on their digits by the psychological resistance level. The price of Bitcoin is consolidating as a result of the squeeze between buyers and sellers. The volume of trades has been consistent.

The movement of BTC on four hours price chart is on the verge of breaking out of a triangle pattern. Breakout patterns like these signal volatile short-term swings on either side. For short-term traders, Bitcoin aficionados will be closely monitoring this trend, “Mudrex- A Global Crypto Trading Platform’s CEO and Co-Founder Edul Patel remarked.

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